Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thailand Handicraft Products - Bamboo Bags, Lamps, Jewelry, Furnishings, Furniture, Incense, Wood Carvings, Silk, Toys, Candles

As a pioneer in Thailand Handicrafts and handmade artifacts we not only cater to the Thailand domestic market but we are also leading exporters of Thailand Handicraft Products direct from the Thai artisans who lovingly make them. We can supply products as single items or supply to handicrafts wholesalers on a one off or regular basis.

We hope that in this website you will find the type of handicraft products that you are seeking. Most of the products displayed on the site we have sourced and in some cases helped in their production. We have tried to include a wide variety in our portfolio but we know that this does not show the extensive range available here in Thailand.

You will find many of these product types on the Internet, with a wide range of prices. What we offer however is unique. We offer Thai handicraft products that are sourced exclusively directly from the small scale production of Thai artisans and handicraft communes scattered about in the rural communities across the country. 

Yes we hope to make a small profit with our business. However our main concern is to help provide an international showcase and worldwide outlet for these marvelous products. In the process helping to provide a sustainable income for our Thai brothers and sisters.

Take a look at the relevant handicraft sections listed in our menu bar on the left. Then contact us and tell us what you are really looking for by using the contact form. Hopefully we will have a source for the products you want. If not, as long as quantities are sufficient, we will find them for you.

One of our main Thai handicraft product categories is jewelry. We have had a lifetime interest in jewelry of all types. Indeed I actually worked in the marketing department of a major Thai jewelry manufacturer and Dokmai worked on the production lines where thousands of mass produced jewelry pieces were turned out every day. We earned our livelihoods in these factories. The products were of good quality and exported worldwide with the label 'Made in Thailand' 

The workers earned their salaries and most dutifully sent money back to their families up country then returned to their company rented rooms and dormitories to put their noses to the grindstone for another month. So yes the rural communities benefited by these influx of remunerations. But what they are losing is the very community that defines them, the flowers and fruits of their youth.

Help us to return their dignity and their control over their own lives and their own communities.

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